Picaresque Novel history

  • The picaresque novel is a very popular sub-genre of the prose fiction, it includes a lot of humorist elements to tell a story on a realistic and sarcastic way. It is believed to have started with Lazarillo de Tormes. Some modern examples of picaresque novels are 'The White Tiger' and 'Diary of a Fiend'.

Ebooks or Digital Books

The term books online may refer to one or more alternatives, and you can learn more about them here at legacybooksonline.com. First of all, books online may allude to written resources found on the internet which resemble a traditional book. The similarities usually are that the information is presented in pages, which can be read sequentially or flipping from one to the next, and that the pages are read passively, with little to no interaction or multimedia. Even though this type of books online can only be read online for the most part, some maybe printed and/or downloaded. Additionally, those publications that have become part of the public domain may be reproduced by any website.

This kind of books online should not be mistaken for ebooks. An ebook, also known as an electronic book, e-book, or digital book, is a book published in digital form, either a digital version of an already existing book, or one which does not have a printed equivalent. An example of this is Stephen King's novella Riding the Bullet, which did not appear in traditional format until a few years after it debuted as a downloadable book. Ebooks are generally read on specialized pieces of hardware called e-readers, though sometimes personal computers and cellphones can perform the same task. These devices allow consumers to buy, download, browse, and read ebooks. Some of the advantages are that e-books take less physical space, and never go out of print. This however, does not spell the end for book stores, since what changes is the format, but not the transaction itself.

Speaking of which, book stores that sell books online have existed for quite a while. In addition to purveying ebooks, they also sell regular ones as well, much like everything can be bought and sold over the internet nowadays. One of the most successful online book store is Amazon, so much so that it has branched out over the years and become the biggest online retailer in the world. On the other hand, regular book stores may take special orders of books they do not have in stock, but buying online on behalf of a customer, and holding on to them until the customer goes to the book store to pick them up and take them home.

Books online can also be made available by people who have attempted to write a work of literature (novel, biography, etc) but do not have a distribution deal, so they take to sell their books through their own websites. As can be seen here on legacybooksonline.com, this type of technology can lead to larger book availability. Hopefully though, electronic books will serve as a complement for traditional books, and not become a full replacement.

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